Bonin Petrel Encounters

9 April, 2019

This morning we woke to a stiff northerly breeze which kept air temperatures down, even in the sunshine, but no one particularly minded as we were back in 'bird rich' waters. Over 100 Bonin Petrels were sighted, mostly flashing past but a few gave us some excellent views of their fine Pterodroma petrel forms that were duly committed to memory cards. Matsudaira's Storm-petrels continued to follow our wake and large numbers of pale phase Wedge-tailed Shearwaters gave tremendous views as they almost posed for photographs alongside Spirit of Enderby. In between many took in the fascinating spectacle of watching and comparing the techniques of three species of booby and their varying degrees of success at flying fish hunting. It appears that boobies could be assigned to their species just by noting which method they employ to attack these airborne meals and provided much to discuss over our own dinner expertly prepared by chefs Ed and Damian in the galley.

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