Kermadec Islands Releases Secrets to Visiting Scientists


The volcanic Kermadec Islands chain lies North of New Zealand and has very few visitors due to its relative isolation.  

It is known to be a rich scientific wonderland as there are many new marine species discovered on every science expedition undertaken.  Experts are also gaining a better understanding of the topography and undersea systems.  Recently, a four-week expedition found underwater volcanoes in the Kermadec arc and these leaked their secrets to Kiwi and German scientists studying the hydrothermal systems in the thriving marine area.  New Zealand television has released some of the footage taken during this expedition - click here to read the article and watch footage.  

Heritage Expeditions has led expeditions to the Kermadec Islands in recent years and will offer this popular voyage again in March 2018.  Click for more details on the Kermadec Islands: Land of Dreams expedition.


©HAhern Kermadec Islands 2016

Photo credit: HAhern

Category: South Pacific
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