Across the Top of the World: Wrangel Island

“The polar bear encounters were something you would wait a lifetime to have”

“Dear Rodney and staff and crew, We now have our feet on the ground after being literally and metaphorically on top of the world on the Wrangel Island trip. Thank you so much for all that you put into it, both on the ship and behind the scenes. It is obvious to us that you live and breathe a love of the natural environment and that, like the Enderby family, the Russ family has found a way to nurture this spirit in others and awaken the world to the need to cherish and preserve its treasures. Thank you to the guides, Katya, Samuel, Agnès, Elena and Alex, and to Meghan who greeted us each morning, to Conor, Ralf, Eleni and Katya in the kitchen, to the cabin staff and finally to Cam, whose services we were fortunate enough not to need but whose company we enjoyed. The polar bear encounters were something you would wait a lifetime to have. There is no doubt that up close their habits are fascinating, and we were so grateful for the sensitive method of approaching these beautiful creatures when advisable and giving them a wide berth (for their sakes) when not. We also appreciated the contact with the Chukchi people and their hospitality and entertainment. Then there were the snowy owls, snow geese, the myriad of shearwaters feeding in a sea full of whales, not to mention the walrus, seals and the tundra itself. Thank you to the captain and crew for their seamanship and for keeping us safe when embarking and disembarking from the zodiacs. It's impossible to mention everything, but - what a trip!! Warm regards, Paul and Jacquie Pryor”

Paul and Jacquie Pryor

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